Jean-Pierre Constant

From a young age, Dawomey uses his innate creativity transforming discarded objects into works of art. In 1986, Jean-Pierre Constant decided to use his talent to create arts under the name of DAWOMEY.

He is a painter, jeweler, and a consummated artist who uses mixed media in his pieces. Jean-Pierre, also works with textile to create unique clothing. DAWOMEY describes his work as a confluence of cultures – African, Taino and Ayisyien, which inspired and influenced his art.

He uses natural elements and minerals, like fiber, wood, hides, copper and steel. His paintings depict scenery of mythological, and belief systems found in African, Haitian, and Taino traditions.

DAWOMEY participated in various expositions, group exhibits, and festivals in Haiti, The Dominican Republic and the United States.

Among them are:

2020 Group Exhibit – 912 Julia Gallery, New Orleans, LA. USA

2018 International African Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY. USA

2008 A Taste of Haitian Art & Culture – First Church Universalist, Malden, MA USA

2007 Art Expo – Jacmel Film Festival, Jacmel, Haiti

2004 Art Expo Lac Azuei – Fond Parisiens, Haiti

1995 JAMA Expo – Champ de Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Jean-Pierre DAWOMEY is the owner and operator of DAWOMEY ART PRODUCTION. He is in a partnership with Tourislokal, a Boston-based private investment initiative promoting Port Salut, Haiti as an ecotourism destination. Currently, Jean-Pierre DAWOMEY lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.