Garry Laurent

Born in 1972 in Pétion Ville, Garry Laurent began drawing at an early age. He sometimes reproduced cartoons. In 1992, he finished his classical studies and devoted himself to painting. A self-taught painter, he meets Ralph Allen, who teaches him certain techniques and methods to refine his art. In 2000, he is invited to take part in SYMBIOSE 2000 in the company of experienced artists such as Marithoux, Joseph Pierre Eddy, Pasko, Nixon St Hilaire. His meeting with Pasko was beneficial for his work since he invited him to join the drawing workshop organized by Galerie Monnin. That same year, he met the painter and collector Patrick Cauvin who offered him the opportunity to participate in several exhibitions and symposia both in Haiti and abroad through the Association for the Promotion of Haitian Art: PROMART HAITI. He is also Photographer and Moviemaker and collaborates with some TV stations in Haïti Garry makes his works sing as the sun shimmers the colors of his country. He likes to tackle subjects featuring characters and using  géometrical forms. Combining movement with color, solid matter, he searches for the teeming, bustling life in the Caribbean. The heat of Garry’s heart is reflected in each of his keys.

1989 – 3rd prize in the drawing and painting competition of TELECO
2000 – special distinction at SYMBIOSE 2000 Revelation price
2006 – 2nd prize in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Painting Competition
2011- Zora Festivals of Art Orlando -USA
2012 – Premier Atelier d’art Internationnal –PROMART-HAITI
2013 – Deuxième Atelier d’art Internationnal – PROMART – HAITI
2014 – Troisième Atelier d’Art Internationnal – PROMART-HAITI
2015 –BOZART en BAZART, Bellerive sur Allier -FRANCE
2015 – Atelier d’Artistes, Frankfurt –ALLEMAGNE
2015 – Atelier d’artistes, Luq de Bearn – FRANCE
2015- Quatrieme Atelier Internationnal – PROMART –HAITI
2016- Symposium à Vitré / France
2016- Symposium à Aiud / Roumanie

2016- Cinquième Atelier d’Art International –PROMART-HAIITI
2017-Symposium à Verberie / Framce
2017-Workshop in Manipur / Inde

2018-Ambassade d’Haïti à Paris
2017-manipur / Inde
2017- Ambassade d’Haïti à Paris
2017- Chateau d’Aramont Verberie / France
2016- Ambassade d ‘HaÏti à Paris
2016- Aiud / Roumanie
2016- Vitré / France
2016- 31th ASPORA international art Exhibition, Aspora –COREE DU SUD
2015- Festival Arts Gallery, Pétionville – HAITI
2015 – 2015- CARRIFESTA XII
2015 –30th ASPORA international art Exhibition, Aspora –COREE DU SUD
2015- Château du Bost, Bellerive sur Allier -FRANCE
2015- Meudon, Paris – FRANCE
2014- Payne Gallery, of Moravian College Pensylvanie – USA
2013- Wilson woodrow Center, Washington DC-USA
2012- Galerie du Sel, Mairie de Sèvres – FRANCE
2011- Zora Festival Orlando – USA
2006- Commonwealth of Massachusetts – USA
2004- Cick 123 – Pétionville – HAITI
2000- SYMBIOSE 2000 Pétionville – HAITI
1999- Laurieart Studio Massachusetts – USA
1998- Murielle Leconte Expo annuel – HAITI